Sabertooth Zombie
(Human Performance IV)
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Punk, Hard southern stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Pissed Jeans, Motorhead, Baroness
Hailing from Santa Rosa, California, Sabertooth Zombie deliver a very gritty and southern stoner experimental EP with their 2015 release Human Performance IV. The straining vocals invoke a true sense of despair throughout the four tracks. The  gloom and depravity work well over time. The band delivers their own mix of negativity that will grow on you after several rotations.

Tracks Listing:
1. The Headache - 4:31
2. Coffin Coast - 2:19
3. Gardens of Loss - 2:02
4. Crazy Endings - 4:34

The opening track "The Headache" is perhaps the most vibrant of the four songs. Blending some odd harmonies and punk driving rhythms. The guitar-licks exude southern roots, but your brain heres the influential hardcore punk backdrop. It makes for a very entertaining start. Love the grinding that ensues towards the end of the song. Sabertooth does a nice job mixing up the pace and showing their versatility.

"Coffin Coast" is a very unique track. You feel the pain and building through the strained vocals. We enjoy the circuitous pacing and frustration that the song brings. Very nice build. Its against the grain but very impressive after several listens.

“Gardens of Loss” definitely delivers the most texture out of the four songs. The supporting horn section is just brilliant. Almost a Mighty Mighty Bostones on depressants. The song has great movement and energy. The song is packed with subtle dark moments and punk hardcore flavor.

The final track, “Crazy Endings,” takes a much more stoner rock turn as majestic Baroness-like guitar solos ensue. The gritty lead vocals continue here just as they have throughout the four songs.

Human Performance IV is a surprisingly well thought out piece.  While it is a nice teaser for checking out their previous works, it does have a concise appeal. When dealing with such straining vocals and gloom sometimes shorter doses becomes more appealing for the listener.  The band puts just enough of their own gritty flavor to make this one well worth picking up. - 3/15/2014

Standout Tracks: Crazy Endings, Coffin Coast
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