Rumori Di Scena
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Post rock, Math Rock
Sounds Like:
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pelican
We love the Post-rock genre. Our only stickler with this highly technical style of music is as you survey the landscape of bands out there, many feed off the same majestic melodies and tend not to branch out. As a result, we were very excited to have come across Rumori Di Scena, a foursome hailing from Bari Italy. Their second EP release entitled LentaMente is a refreshing tilt on Post-rock; melding core elements of math rock and hints of experimental psychedelia. Each of the four tracks stand strong as the EP is on the lengthier side and will entertain you with its diverse myriad of precision fretwork. It's also a ‘name your price’ selection on BandCamp for now... this may very well change as the Post-rock world catches wind of Rumori Di Scena.

1. Ankaliasma (8:44)
2. Little Crash (Scontrino) (8:07)
3. Un Altro Brano Ancora (6:21)
4. S.P.R.M (5:28)

What is the standout track on LentaMente?
That is a tough call. It was a close race between the opener "Ankaliasma" and closer "S.P.R.M." We are suckers for contrast and "Ankaliasma" pulled us into its vortex right away. The build-up on this track is tremendous as it morphs into a math rock explosion. We also hear influences from ISIS and Pelican shine through in the last three minutes. But, "S.P.R.M." takes the cake. This track is so creative it is an absolute must. Very cool how the foursome weaves some heavier stoner rock elements into this one as well. "S.P.R.M." is a wonderfully diverse and dark track. The band really tests their boundaries with some boldly inventive melodies and against the grain guitar-work. It comes to gather in a mystical five-minute journey as they save the best for last.

If we enjoy LentaMente what other albums do you recommend?

Check-out their debut self-titled EP from 2015. It is quite different. While the EP does not flow as well as LentaMente and the production is a bit weaker, it is fascinating to see the contrast and how the band has developed. The EP infuses more math-rock and experimental elements and will show you the expansiveness of their range.

What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album?
Quarta Runa - ABV 7%. Brewed in Piedmont, Italy from Birra Montegioco we recommend this barrel-aged producer. Bright and balanced, with notes of pie spices.

What are our final thoughts on LentaMente?
LentaMente will spark interest in a diverse mix of fans. While their backbone may be Post-rock, they infuse significant math rock and experimental influences to make for one hell of an entertaining EP. LentaMente is well produced and will add some pretty eclectic fury and contrast to your music collection. We highly recommend you put this one in heavy rotation and add it to your music collection. - 2/22/2017

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