Ramington Flashride
(Back To Seattle)
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Hard rock, Grunge
Sounds Like:
Nirvana, Tad, Everclear
Grunge is not dead. Certainly not if Ramington Flashride has anything to do with it. Hailing from Dusseldorf, Germany, the three piece band made their voyage to Seattle, WA during 2014 and engaged the expertise of mix/mastering specialists in Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney) and Chris Hanzsek (Soundgarden, Melvins). The result is a nicely polished twelve song LP from three musicians that are passionate about the genre as well as good old fashioned hard rock.

Ric Sattler - Vocals/lead guitar
Wolle Renno - Bass
Tobi Renno - Drums

1. Open Your Door 1:22
2. Your Business 3:22
3. Why Why Why 3:38
4. Sure We Can 4:11
5. Hope You Die 4:17
6. M.O.F. 3:26
7. Protection Overload 4:58
8. You Are My Fire 4:16
9. Running Home 4:51
10. Passing Away 3:00
11. Burn 4:13
12. Fascination Wins 4:18
Length: 43:57

We found the first five tracks to be most impressive. The intro track "Open Your Door" is a terrific intriguing instrumental with some dark undertones. The track gives us a good flavor for the grinding riffs and heavy range that Ramington can put out. The second track "Your Business" is the homage to Nirvana. Undoubtedly we hear the influence of the legendary band. Sattler works in some Cobainesque isolated riffs that provide very nice contrast to the intensity delivered. Track three "Why Why Why" is perhaps one of our favorites off the album. Stellar gut wrenching melody as the chorus yelps in desperation. "Sure We Can" features some bellowing riffs that really ring home as the somewhat apathetic vocals make for a very interesting track. The last minute kicks into some intense riffs and the band really opens up with absolute raw energy. "Hope You Die" has a rustic early 90s feel as we hear signs of Everclear meets Dropkick Murphy's. While the message on the track is quite bleak,  we found the style to be quite familiar and comforting. The redundant lyrics work well providing for a very reflective track.

Things begin to veer a bit off track with "M.O.F." (My Own Friend) as Ric morphs into Billy Idol mode. Not an awful track, but it did interrupt the flow of the first five tracks quite a bit. Our ears perk back up on track 11" Burn" where Ramigton offers up some dramatic contrast in highs and lows. The band gets back to more of the Nirvana influence here as Sattler almost embodies his spirit with the intense delivery. The track really provides two very dramatic change-ups. The closing track "Fascination Wins" keeps with the mellower intensity and almost feels like an extension of 'Burn' We would have loved to see these two tracks somehow blended for a nice eight minute closer.

Ramington Flashride provide a refreshing reflective appeal and affinity for the Seattle rock scene. Their passion and talents shine to deliver a very heartfelt grunge-rock album. In our travels over the last few years we have come across very few new bands that have had the gumption to revisit this era. We applaud the three and will certainly keep this one in steady rotation particularly when we are in that reflective mood. - 8/3/2015

Standout Tracks: Why Why Why, Hope You Die
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