Pigeon Toe
(The First Perception)
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Progressive metal
Sounds Like:
Oceansize, Dream Theatre
Three well balanced guitarists, neutral vocals and a superb drummer offer up an impressive debut for the German natives. The First Perception is a somewhat refreshing album in that there is a myriad of sound and complexity proving more impressive than many of the newer progressive bands to hit the scene in the past four years.

They do have their own sound that we found inviting after several listens. Progressive bands have been known to annoy our editors with their often tiresome riffs and lack of highs and lows, but Pigeon Toe surprisingly veers the other way. The harmonized vocals do provide room for the complex guitar work to engross the listener. Song structure is well planned and not overdone. Track two "The Chase" offers some of the more speedy guitar-work, with some very unique riffs. "The Man With The Cat" has an a strong melody, but is morphed with a unique instrumental second half of the song, avoiding the turn back to the melody which we like. "Second Try" has a fluid Oceansize influence, very beautiful at times providing a wandering journey like feel. "The Wizards Pt 1" and "II" are also quite the ride, very diverse. We love the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood bells that end Part 1, very nice touch.  "The Flashback" is the heaviest track on the album, and contains some very crisp work allows for a powerful ending.

As a whole the album has a very clean sound, providing for a great headphone experience. We have been looking for a progressive band that has a distinct sound and does not overstay their welcome. Pigeon Toe is a great addition if you want some classic, well thought out progressive rock. We look forward to their next release.

Standout Tracks: The Flashback, The Man With The Cat
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