Oozing Wound
(Earth Suck)
Crank this to 7.7 of 11
Hardcore, Metal
Sounds Like:
Black Cobra, Victims, High on Fire
Oozing Wound from the windy city of Chicago has leashed a beast of an album upon us with Earth Suck. As it may not be ground-breaking music, they throw in a wealth of influences ranging from old Metallica, and Trap Them to Black Cobra and The Sword, talk about a mixed bag of metal. So, what makes them appealing? It’s certainty not their name, but they know where they stand and could care less about breaking new ground. Their aggressive style is addicting when you want that heavy, speed metal fix without having to think too much about it. This three-piece band is made up of Zack (guitar, vocals), Kyle (drums) and Kevin (bass) and their latest album Earth Suck is a heavy, thrashy monster of an album. With brooding bass lines, penetrating drums, and swift guitars this album just takes off from the onset. They also have a tendency to throw in a lot of rhythmic changeups, giving the album some balance and flow, so it’s not 100% amped up, which could have gotten tiring.

The first track, “Going Through the Motions Til I Die” will hit you right away with a High on Fire-like rhythm section, and man it’s powerful. The scathing vocals fit perfectly for this style of music. If you dig the vocals of Black Cobra or Trap Them, than this right up your alley. This song showcases their talents and how they can mix up various styles of metal; it’s hardcore at times, stoner rock at others and yes maybe a little doom towards the end, a perfect opening song to lure you in. The next track, “Bury Me With My Money” is a short speedy motherfucker of a song, enough said. “Genuine Creeper” follows and is similar to the previous track, just some more speed metal for you to ingest.

We now come to “Hippie Speedball,” one of the standout tracks. Running at 6:04 minutes long, this is one hell of a stellar song. The vibe is like stoner rock legends The Sword on speed; it’s impressive how well they can fuse elements of stoner rock and speed metal into one song. Being as it’s a lengthy song for this style of music it goes by rather fast and the slowed down pace at the end is a welcome touch, giving the listener time to regroup. We’re already onto the second to last track “Colonel’s Kernel,” and this is just more metal onslaught for you to take in. The rhythm section here is very tight and the last two minutes is a terrific jam. This leads directly into the final song “False Peak (Earth Suck)”. Clocking in at 7:41 minutes, it packs quite a punch, literally, after hearing this one you’ll feel that you’ve had enough. This song goes through so many slight steady changes and never lets up, very impressive guitar playing here. No solos, just all-out rhythm, they have given us everything they could on this final song, what more do you need.

Oozing Wound’s blend of metal genres will entice fans who frequent this style of music. They will fill that thrash metal void while injecting enough diverse elements that have us coming for seconds. Also, look into their previous album, 2013’s Retrash, this album has a more raw and unpolished feel. - 12/12/2014

Standout Tracks:
Going Through the Motions Til I Die, False Peak (Earth Suck)
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