Onsegen Ensemble
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Space rock, Progressive, Psychedelic
Sounds Like:
3rd Ear Experience, Farflung, Tool
It took us quite a while and countless listens to put forth this review and yet we still feel like we’re not doing it justice. Welcome the mystic aura of Onsegen Ensemble from Finland. The band has found unique ways to explore the outer realms of the space, psychedelic and progressive rock genres. The experimental nature of the band is inspiring as they keep the music colorful and intriguing. Their chemistry is pretty remarkable, the way the music flows between mesmerizing space rock and heavy psychedelics is downright masterful. Awalai, released through Pink Tank Records will consume your conscious and fill the need for any music exploration you desire.

What are the highlights of Awalai?
This is a tough one, the album is loaded with so many highlights. The track “Solei” comes to mind right away and its brilliance. Talk about a song that has it all; chanting vocals, flutes and heaviness, it’s a psychedelic trip worth taking. The last cut “HottoizzoH” features some classic Rush elements, we’re talking Caress of Steel era Rush. The synths in the title track Awalaï are terrific and adds a touch of 70s psychedelia to the mix. We can keep going, but just take our word for it and crank this one up, you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship.

How is the production value?
Excellent, the bass has a bottomless feel and is the foundation to each song. Each instrument is balanced perfectly.

How is the vocal performance?
The vocals are very distinctive, there doesn’t seem to be one dominant vocal performance. At times we hear some death metal styled vocals and others we are treated to some falsetto type chants, very unique.

Give us two words that describe this album?

Psychedelic Exploration

Does the album art reflect the music?
Yes, the artwork shows some sort of an eclipse from outer space, very fitting.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale. The wonderful aroma, balance of the mild nut flavor and the slight hint of sweetness is the perfect choice. It may actually enhance the experience of the album.

What are our final thoughts on Awalai?
Awalia is one of those albums that had us hooked from the start and never let go. The boundless musical journey Onsegen Ensemble will take you on is tremendous and had earned this album a rare 10 rating. Bands like Hawkwind, MC5 or even Frank Zappa will come to mind, there is just too much going on to put into words, just forgo previewing this one and get it. - 9/12/2106


01. Juuvaara
02. Kuuhanka
03. HK7
04. Awalaï
05. Solei
06. HottoizzoH

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