Ohio Sky
(The Big Distraction)
Turn this to 6.5 of 11
Alternative rock, Progressive
Sounds Like:
Coheed and Cambria, Funeral for a Friend, Deftones
Straight out of the Cleveland rock scene emerges Ohio Sky with their second release The Big Distraction. We must say this album took us a by surprise as we we’re expecting another Saving Grace or Thirty Seconds To Mars type band that would of gotten lost in the shuffle, we we’re wrong… to a point. The album is alternative by nature, but it’s much more than this, they have an open structured and progressive feel. The production is clean and powerful, it sounds massive when cranked up a few notches. The music is played very well and all band members add enough of their own styles to create this aura of spacious alternative music. The vocals of Vinny DiFranco are impressive, complimenting the music perfectly. He conveys a powerful and soft side, and often reminding us of Chino from Deftones or Jared Leto, yes, we went there, we may not be fans of Thirty Seconds..., but we must admit he can sing.

Track Listings:
1. Slow Down Stay Alive – 3:20
2. The Big Distraction – 4:57
3. King Fisher – 3:15
4. Changing Earth – 5:24
5. Moon Wall Maps – 4:44
6. Momento Mori – 6:13
7. Holy Week – 3:46
8. Transformations – 4:41
9. Vulture Cascade – 5:55

The beginning of the first song had us wondering what to make of them and how are they differed from other alternative rock bands. Just stick with it, the song drifts on and tends to pull you in about half way through. It becomes a bit heavier and the echoes of the guitar and vocals help lure you in. As the song presses on we were somewhat captivated and excited to see what lies ahead. The title track and “King Fisher” are good as well, they somehow find a way to keep things interesting and sounding fresh, especially on the progressive style of “The Big Distraction”. The album falls a bit flat with “Changing Earth,” “Moon Wall Maps” and “Holy WeeK,” they are angelic-type songs that steer away from the progressive structure we have come to like. We understand every song cannot be fast, but they just feel unoriginal.

They bounce back with “Momento Mori,” at 6:13 long they throw a lot into this song with muffled vocals and return of the progressive style we have come to enjoy. The instrumental “Transformations” leads us to the last track “Vulture Cascade”. This last song is great, it definitely has a new Deftones quality about it. The drums are terrific and the vocals are broad here. The last couple of minutes take a turn towards a spaced-out heavy jam, we’re not sure where this momentum shift came from, but it’s the highlight of the album. The song could easily continue for a few more minutes and we wouldn’t mind one bit.

Band Members:

Vinny DiFranco- Vocals/Rhythm Guitars
Michael Bashur- Bass
Eric Bambic-Drums
Patrick Finegan-Keys/Synth

Ohio Sky have a promising future, if they could harness their progressive side while they continue to grow as a band, they will become a force in the alternative rock world. We definitely recommend these guys over your everyday alternative rock band, they at least bring something new to the table. - 5/3/2015

Standout Tracks: Vulture Cascade, King Fisher, The Big Distraction
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