(Self Titled)
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Sounds Like:
New York Dolls, Circle Jerks
Absolute rip-off if you are looking for a high-end hardcore punk album. 16 songs lasting just 16 minutes says it all. To be honest, we could have put this punk noise together in our backyard. This album features Keith Morris (from the Circle Jerks and Black Flag)... looking to get some suckas to grab this off his name alone. If you are in the mood for some angry slapstick punk overlook this one and grab the extremely obscure but brilliant band Lesion. Were it not for the great little diddy ”King Kong Brigade”... ”I wanna club you like a baby seal... King Kong Brigade” this would have received a 2.5. Check-out King Kong Brigade, its terrific, but we can’t understand how you could let this one go to under one minute? Burn this song and let the rest go.

Standout Track: King Kong Brigade
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