Mother Engine
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Psychedelic rock, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Colour Haze, Kyuss, Karma To Burn
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
We have been itching to put out a review for Mother Engine's debut album Muttermaschine (released in early 2014) which we are big fans of, but held off after catching wind that their 2015 follow-up was due out this month just about a year later than their debut. Hot off the press and only available on their website, we have been proud owners of Absturz. We have had this in steady rotation for countless hours since it came out and frankly can't get enough of it. Well worth the wait as we wanted to share with you what this website is all about... finding obscure music that should not go unheard! Mother Engine is the absolute full package for an instrumental band. Fantastic album covers, entertaining as fuck, and brilliant musicians.

It's not easy to keep our attention via an instrumental album when there is so much out their in the land of obscure music to immerse ourselves into. Yet the German three-piece do nothing but entertain here. Ok, yes they do tease us with the introduction of human voice in tracks 3 (a male scream), 4 and 5 (a terrific German duet), but all in all this is an instrumental album. What has us floored is the contrast between their debut Muttermaschine, a polished very strong debut perhaps a bit more on the bluesy side to a very different sophomore work in Absurtz, which was actually recorded live in one session. The rustic appeal to this album is hard to describe in words other than it is seamless and absolutely pulls you in. The raw nature and energy that takes place during this session is exceptional if we could only have been a fly on the wall during this taping. The extra fuzz and mono authenticity fill your headphones with absolute delight and is so goddam addictive and magical. Our enthusiasm for this album is rooted in the intangible that the trio brings that is near impossible to put in writing other than letting you know it warms the soul as each note seems to have its place. We cannot say they are breaking ground here with originality. Rather they are blending what we love and are so familiar with (most notably the three sounds like artists above) and further perfecting it with their own energy and precision. Ultimately Absturz is the perfect blend of swirling majestic Blues For the Red Sun-like Kyuss jams, wrapped with Colour Haze precision and the energy of Karma to Burn.

Cornelius Grünert - Drums
Christian Dressel - Bass
Chris Trautenbach - Guitar

Track Listing:
1. Nebel (9:52)
2. Wustenwind (9:22)
3. Lichtung (9:56)
4. Relief (10:02)
5. Sonne (11:06)
6. Hangar (10:17)

Of the six lengthy tracks above, "Sonne," travels down a different path (effectively) with its formal use of a unique German duet as male and female vocals collide at about the four and a half minute mark. Well timed and a very entertaining interplay featuring a beautiful voice in Sina Griebenow. Very strong pipes that hold their own against the aggressive back and forth. Other than this track, we are not going to waste your time with a blow by blow track by track description. Ultimately, we have to be cliche and to the point here and say you have to listen to this album to believe it. The blend and quality of psychedelic spacious stoner rock that Cornelius, Christian, and Chris deliver this early in the band's career down right inspiring. We highly recommend you grab both albums to further elevate your collection. Currently, Absturtz is only available on the Mother Engine Bandcamp site. Something tells us that this one may ride the word of mouth train as something this good can't stay obscure amongst the steadfast and intelligent stoner fan base for too long. - 4/28/2015

Standout Tracks: Not one, the whole album is damn near flawless.
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