Lost Moon
(Through the Gates of Light)
Crank this to 8.5 of 11
Progressive rock, Metal
Sounds Like:
The Mars Volta, Cog, Sautrus
Progressive metal fused with stoner tribal rhythms and classic metal riffs is what you get with Lost Moon. To our surprise, the band from Rome, Italy has been around since the early 90s. In 1998 the band recorded their first demo called First Breath, this album received positive reviews in in the underground metal scene. In 2002 they released their self-produced album Lost Moon which allowed them to spread their wings even further and expand their live shows.

After a couple lineup changes, Lost Moon released King of Dogs in 2008 on U.K. Division Records. After touring heavy in Italy and around Europe, they released Tales from the Sun in 2013 and continued to tour on bigger festivals such as  Kalifornia Crossing Festival, The Heavy Music live Machine 2015, Fehmarn rock Festival , Sweet Leaf Festival and Stoner Night Live to name a few.

Today, Lost Moon has found the perfect label to suit their needs, Pink Tank Records. This release shows the band in full strength and really honing in on their sound. Through the Gates of Light has a very distinct progressive vibe that stands out among most metal acts today. This is mostly due to the lead vocals from Stefano Paolucci, his style is very unique and fits the progressive sound to a tee. The music is very tight and swift, at moments there are crushing stoner riffs that will satisfy the stoner rock gods. Than out of nowhere they flawlessly veer off into progressive metal territory, it’s a great combination that keeps us coming back.

What are the highlights of Through the Gates of Light?

Tough call, the third cut “Prayer” displays outstanding vocal range along with a massive sound, this song has it all and could be our favorite, but not by much. Too bad it fades to end, we could use a few more minutes of this jam. We love the acoustics in “Pilgrimage” and how they interact with the heaviness, plus more great vocals are to be found here. The last track “Visions” has a weird progressive Led Zeppelin aura, it’s a great tune to get lost in.

How is the production?
We seem have a natural tendency to increase the volume when this album comes on. The louder we play the album it just sounds better, so kudos to the production crew.

Does the album art reflect the music?
The cover is captivating as we were not sure what we were getting into. The font used for the band, which resembles Monster Magnet’s Powertrip had us thinking this could be a concoction of metal.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Enjoy a bottle of BeerBera from Italy. This American Wilde styled ale sits at 8.50% ABV, which is disguised well from the  taste of red wine.  This brew can be a bit tart with aromas of grapes and wine.

Final thoughts on Through the Gates of Light.
Lost Moon took us by surprise and still grows on us after several listens. So hats off to Pink Tank for adding these gents to their ever-growing label. If you want an album with a boatload of energy and doesn’t cater to one particular genre do yourself a favor and grab a hold of this one. - 10/24/17

1. Through the Gates of Light - 3:17
2. Dawn - 04:05
3.  Prayer - 4:15
4. Pilgrimage - 6:06
5.  I Got Drunk Again - 4:29
6. Light Inside - 3:36
7. The Day we Broke the Spell - 4:42
8. Visions - 5:25

Stefano Paolucci-Guitars and vocals
Pierluigi Paolucci-drums
Adolfo Calandro-bass

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