Lizard Professor
Turn this to 6.9 of 11
Progressive metal
Sounds Like:
Symphony X, Mr. Bungle, Something Involving a Monkey
We received a flavor of this mayhem back in 2010 with the Fort Worth Texanites debut EP entitled Offthewallogy. Lizard Professor have taken things to a whole new level on their latest progressive metal stream of consciousness onslaught entitled Eccentricity. Over one hour and fifteen minutes of chaos, frenzied fretboards and diverse tempos. The quintet throw everything and the kitchen sink in on this one…..from death metal fury to melodic Spock’s Beard-like arrangements this one will have your head spinning. While there quite a few impressive moments throughout this album, it is a difficult one to take in one full sitting. The progressive guitar work prowess and melodic harmonies are unfortunately overshadowed by very weak aggro death metal vocals.

Track Listing:
1. Celestial Downpour (9:44)
2. Offthewallogy (6:39)
3. Eccentricity (10:38)
4. Diving Upwards (7:58)
5. Simply Complex (8:25)
6. Ultima (Nigh) (10:42)
7. Equations of Dismay (3:44)
8. Consequence of Thought (6:16)
9. Philosoraxtor (11:50)
Running time = 1:15:56

What is the top track we recommend downloading if you had a few bucks to spare?
By far "Diving Upwards" is our favorite track. The distorted vocals are impressive and blend well with the post-agro vocals. The change-ups are more controlled and within the realm of tolerance. There are some very bright moments and that build to a crescendo gleaming some very impressive symphonic guitar harmonies.

What other albums would you recommend if we enjoy Eccentricity?
Take a gander at Between the Buried and Me’s ‘Coma Ecliptic’ (2015) its chockfull of some great moments and will keep your blood pressure a bit more at ease.

What adult beverage do we recommend with this album?
Swig down some Barrel-Aged Legion Community Beer Company Russian Imperial Stout / 11.60% ABV. This will get you numb pretty quickly and assuage your eardrums to the dramatic contrasts.


Sean Foster - vocals
Gannon McCoy - guitar
Dustin Valenta - guitar
Jovan Reyes - bass
Bryce Butler - drums

What are our final thoughts for Eccentricity?
While we appreciate the vocal diversity on this one, we would recommend Lizard Professor tone it down a wee bit. The human ear will struggle finding any ounce of uniformity here no matter how many rotations you give this one. These are some talented fuckers, but they need to hone in on the tracks like ‘Ultima’ and ‘Diving Upwards’ to invoke our turning this one up some additional notches. - 9/19/2016

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