Lesser Key
(Self Titled EP)
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Sounds Like:
A Perfect Circle, Deftones
This could be the simplest review we have ever done. Lesser Key is Paul D'Amour's (former bassist for Tool) side project. The album features six songs; five of which are crisp and very soothing to the ear particularly when Paul's bass-work shines through. And one that is filler ambiance. Here is the hitch, however. This is the most blatant homage to two bands we have ever seen. The self-titled EP is about 90% Perfect Circle mimic and 10% Deftones mimic. Zero in the originality department.

The songs are a near mirror image (minus the Maynard vocal prowess) of twists to Thirteenth Step and Mer De Noms. We are scratching our heads on why Paul would not want to branch out and at least not go the same direction his fellow band mate did. Not much more to add here other than this is so blatantly similar you may find it very interesting. That being said it is still a pleasurable listen. - 5/10/2014

Track List:
1. Intercession - 4:29
2. Pale Horse - 3:59
3. Parallels - 5:41
4. Folding Stairs - 3:30
5. In Passing Through - 5:23
6. Labile - 2:44

Standout Track:
In Passing Through
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