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Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Nebula, That's All Folks
Our staff absolutely needs to take a road trip to Europe for a little R and R and explore the thriving stoner rock community. If we could put our careers on hold and convince the wives to come along, we’d be there in a heartbeat. On our wishful trip, we would seek out Finland’s’ latest stoner rock beast Laserdrift. The 5-piece ensemble has just released their debut album through Pink Tank Records. Laserdrift has put together the perfect formula necessary to kick out some sweet, bluesy stoner rock riffs.

There really are no weak spots to be found throughout the album, the music has a natural flow that will travel effortlessly through your speakers… so crank this one up. The opening cut “Laserdrifter” is a great table setter with its Nebula-like energetic vibe. This leads us to the released single “Woman” where we can find some tasty jams, the synth work adds a spacious aura to this track and the album as a whole. “Cosmic Gateway” continues to pull you into their stoned, fuzzed world; it’s a smooth track that introduces a more psychedelic aspect to the music.

We have come to the heart of the album with tracks 4 and 5, two songs that are absolutely brilliant and could be one of the best back-to-back songs we have heard so far this year. Track 7 “Cream ‘n’ a Shake” is just a flat out terrific jam fest with casual, stoner rock lyrics to match. The song just oozes with fluidity and dirty riffs, it will melt your mind, and the harmonica is a nice touch as well. Track 8 “D.A.Y.” is just as impressive, it possesses a sonic bluesy vibe with raw, unfiltered vocals. The song gradually builds and builds to a crescendo of massive spaced-out bluesy jam, and the echoed vocals are the icing on the cake. The sporadic use of the piano is also a brilliant touch, fuck this is great stuff.

The album just keeps trucking along with “Don’t Put Your I Out”. This one is filled with grand stoner rock goodness and the bass work feels very heavy here. The last cut “Burn For Love” has a mellower vibe than the rest. It has a relaxed, QOTSA feel and adds some good contrast to the album, which takes us out on a good note. We urge you to dive into this one if stoner rock is your thing, you won’t be disappointed. - 5/27/2016

Standout Tracks: Cream 'n' A Shake, D.A.Y.

Band Members:
Sami - Vocals & Guitar
Jere - Guitar
Lede - Bass
Anssi - Synth
Jupe – Drums
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