Large Marge
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Stoner rock, Sludge
Sounds Like:
Alabama Thunderpussy, Church of Misery, Stick
Deep in the swamps of Louisiana comes Large Marge led by the gritty guitar chops of Luke Duke and Aaron Myers. They call it "swampfuzz"... give them kudos for trying to muster up a new genre. The reality is this foursome delivered a self released debut stoner rock album laced with some very bluesy grinding guitar-work, quite reminiscent of the early 90s grunge buzz. The vocals are dirty and phlegmy, but compliment the simple smoke innuendos and hard luck angry verses.

Track Listing:
1. God Bless This Apathy 4:03
2. Black Coffee 3:49
3. Hallelujah 2:33
4. Elevators 3:51
5. Destroyer 4:48
6. Stoned Waltz 4:47
7. Up in Smoke 6:38
8. Losing Motivation 4:05
9. Slipshod 5:08

The opener "God Bless This Apathy" gives you a nice flavor of the sloppy sludge. Sloppy in an artistic way coupled with the urge to clear your own throat. Right from the get go the band pulls the heavy fuzz and distortion. Myers vocals may not be for everyone, but they are certainly distinctive and angry. Give it a go to the second track "Black Coffee" probably our favorite track on the album. Great melodies and persistent grinding peak our interests here. The song contains a very authentic feel to it and the lyrics are few but powerful. Good change-ups and multiple guitar layers that stand-out well. 'Hallelujah' delivers a Stick Heavy Bag feel with the a bellowing undercurrent of grunge.

Next few notables are "Stoned Waltz" and "Up in Smoke," both infusing some psychedelia and trippiness that adds some spice to the end of the album. There are a few swirling drug cloud moments that work quite well. We would have liked to have seen a bit more of this throughout the album. Really going off on mellow tangents so that when Myers vocals kick in you really have some nice contrast. 'Slipshod' also ends on a high-note bringing back some anger towards the end but starting off mellow and groovy.

Large Marge is a good find and we encourage you to grab it particularly if you are looking for some new early 90s grunge reflection. The band does infuse some authentic swampy blues and do accomplish a nice balance towards the end of the album perhaps as the drugs really kick in second gear. - 2/9/2015

Standout Tracks:
Stoned Waltz, Black Coffee, Up in Smoke
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