La Dispute
(Somewhere at the Bottom...)
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Hardcore, Progressive
Sounds Like:
At The Drive In, Converge, The Mars Volta
Quirky vocals with tons of emotion and vivid lyrics, La Dispute’s debut album is an absolute trip. Frontman Jordan Dryer, is a talent flying way under the radar. His vocal style melds a little bit of At The Drive In’s Cedric Bixler-Zavala combined with Converge’s Jacob Bannon. While Dryer may have been influenced by a variety of vocal styles, he is definitely a unique standout where once you hear him, you will easily be able to pick him out in a line up. At times his vocals sound like someone is digging a dull knife in his chest and he is writhing in pain. Amazing range in style from a quiet whisper, flashy/over-the-top, to a weeping cry, to almost outright death metal.

Track 3, "New Storms For Old Lovers" is a great tune loaded with emotional highs and lows with a little spoken word accompanied with tight Tool like guitar work. The best track on the album is the ten minute plus masterpiece "The Last Lost Continent". This song will remind you of a Tool like epic... love the distant shouting away from the mic. The lyrics are a whirlwind of pain and really pack a punch. There are a ton of standout lines that paint some odd images. "I’ll weave your names into my ribcage, lock your hear inside my chest... I tore the sickness from your bodies; smashed its head against the bricks. I made a castle from its bones that you may always dwell in it."

Let us not forget the great accompaniment guitar work and occasional tribal like drums that are infused throughout. This is a great five piece band that pulls off some very complex rythyms much like the Mars Volta. Tons of start-stop and very cool sounds. The arrangements are complex and often provide some math-rock off tempos. This album may not be for everyone and it may cause your blood pressure to rise, but if you are looking for something refreshing filled with energy and hard work, give this one a go!

Standout Track: New Storms For Old Lovers
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