La Chinga
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Heavy rock, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Nebula, Bad Wizard
Looking to put more groove into your rotation; then look no  further than La Chinga. Their self-titled debut album is full of hard driven stoner rock, the kind of stoner rock heard in 1995 when the genre was fresh and picking up steam. While La Chinga show many influences here, such as with the stoner driven guitars of Nebula to the groove of Bad Wizard, they also have a sound that is all their own.

The album kicks off with the energetic "Early Grave", where we are introduced to a high powered guitar rhythm and vocals to match. The raspy hard charging vocal style is fitting for this style of music, it is upfront and in-your-face and the background vocals also help lift the song, giving it some needed dimension. "Snake Eyes" straddles the same path, as we hear a little more groove, the rattlesnake breakdown of drums toward the end is a catchy and it’s our favorite part of the song. With songs like "The Wheel" and it funkiness or the low-down dirty groove of "Catty", these tracks really capture the style of rock La Chinga brings forth. "To Let Silver" has some jamming moments as the music and bass are allowed to breathe and we enter into some trippy Monster Magnet vortex, this song is the highlight of the album for us. If you’re yearning for some tight slide guitar, you’ll also find it here as well; "Boogie Children" and "Country Mile" will satisfy that need. The last three tracks, "La Chinga", "When I Get Free" and "The Universe is Mine" offer up some more hard driven vibes and hooks that can lure you in.

Overall La Chinga’s debut album is highly energetic and a bit more upbeat than the typical stoner rock band as they may cause involuntary fist pumping and from the words of La Chinga; “It’s Hard Rock Done By Rockers!!”

Standout Track: To Let Silver
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