(Bread and Honey)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Noise rock, Math Rock, Hardcore
Sounds Like:
Fudge Tunnel, The Jesus Lizard, Ink and Dagger
We recently stumbled upon Irk a few weeks ago and man we were floored. The band from Leeds, UK had released a killer EP with Bread and Honey in 2014. We’re actually ashamed we never heard of these guys before, we take this shit seriously, so we must pick up our game. This EP contains three songs that bleed with an emotional blend of math rock and hardcore. If you love the chaotic nuance of The Jesus Lizard, the rhythmic sludge of Fudge Tunnel or even the chaos of the lesser known Ink and Dagger, this will be right in your wheelhouse.
What are the highlights of Bread and Honey?
All three cuts are solid. You’ll know right away from the first few seconds if this is for you with “Care Taker”. This song hits the listener over the head with a bludgeoning percussion and chaotic, yet controlled vocals, think Alex Newport meets David Yow with the occasional muffled effect, does it get any better. The next song “Mammalian Love March” showcases terrific start/stop rhythmic changeups, along with a deep raw bass work similar to Fudge Tunnels Hate Songs In E Minor. The closing song “You’re Welcome” is downright filthy. The desperate vocals fit perfectly within all the hardcore. We feel we are not doing this justice, so just throw it on and turn up the dial towards 11.
How is the production value?
Gritty and a bit unpolished, when we refer to unpolished we feel it has a raw, independent feel which suits this style of rock perfectly.
What are two words best describing this album?
Chaotic Aggression
What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Dogfish Head 90 Minute Pale Ale. This strong Pale Ale with its malty sweet flavor and alcohol content will compliment this EP very well.
What are our final thoughts on Bread and Honey?
These three gents have what it takes to be the next Jesus Lizard or Fudge Tunnel. After being impressed with this EP, we took a liking to their split album with Wren released last year. What a combination as we have come to like Wren over the past few months. If this style of math rock meets hardcore is your thing, we urge you to pick this one up. Since it’s a ‘Name Your Price’ download on Bandcamp, we urge you to pick this one up, it’s a no brainer. We can’t help but feel a bit guilty, so throwing a couple bucks their way eases the pain. - 12/22/2016

1. Care Taker 02:56
2. Mammalian Love March 03:09
3. You're Welcome 04:37

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