Ink And Dagger
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Punk, Hardcore
Sounds Like:
The Jesus Lizard, The Suicide File, Drive Like Jehu
They fused punk and hardcore arguably better than any other band during the 90's.  Ink & Dagger were one of our obscure favorites spanning from 1995 - 2000. Their overall style and vibe features spiraling out of control imagery that feels tremendously raw and genuine. Sean Patrick McCabe provides such a unique aura with his style of what we like to describe as distant vocals. Think Far meets The Jesus Lizard with positioned vocals echoing across an alleyway. After several listens you will find it infectious and impressively unique.

For those that had the good fortune of seeing Ink & Dagger live, they would have experienced a dark yet energetic show. Known for their obsession with references to vampires, blood and sharp things, they were somewhat ahead of the curve glorifying a culture that has spawned into a near billion dollar industry. Their lyrics were however very intelligent and and nothing like the painful vampire bands of this recent emo pop punk crap.

The album does have a very caustic feel at times. You will find the production very 'tinny' in spots, but other times quite rich with texture. Check out the track "Creatures Like Us", containing some amazing contrast where screeching high pitched feedback and vocals morph into rich bass and beauty. Great use of echo in the creeping cut "The Line of Lies", brilliantly original. One of the best tracks is the impressive "Lolita", featuring dueling vocals and tremendous fretwork from guitarist Don Devore. There is really only one flaw on the album in the instrumental track "Sarcastic Sunrise" two minutes of filler noise.

We have always been intrigued by bands who decide to self-title a later album as it sometimes gives the impression of laziness. Clearly not the case here as Ink & Dagger have put their heart and soul into this bold and genuine album. It is a must buy for music fans who want to experience something truly original and ahead of its time. - 1/26/2014

To hear a true sample, this video is taken from a later album, as there is not much to find for this cd.

Standout Tracks:
Lolita, Creatures Like Us
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