(Stone Future Hyms)
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Psychedelic, Doom
Sounds Like:
Abrahma, Cough, Zoroaster
In recent weeks or perhaps it’s the sweltering hot summer, doom has taken a back seat around here (we tend to go through phases). This has now changed, Indica has invigorated our passion for doom. From Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, Australia welcome Indica with their impressive third release Stone Future Hyms. The five-piece band was formed by singer/guitarist Jayesh Talati in 2012. Released through Tonzonen Records, this is not your typical slow paced doom sludge music. They pack a shit load of psychedelia madness into the album, which is what lured us in. So, if you’re clamoring for some doom with tons of psychedelia thrown in, give this album a shot.

What are the highlights of the album?

The third track “Om” is a masterpiece. We love the distant Solitude Aeturnus-like vocals of Jayesh Talati in the beginning along with the creeping bass and guitars. The lonely cymbal tap is a quite useful tactic that is the icing on the cake. The song will eventually spiral into psychedelic doom, the constant spaced-out nuances in the background really elevate the trach. Oh, did we mention this makes for a great headphone listening experience. The epic 16:20 minute “Slow Burner” is terrific, often songs this length in doom can become overbearing, not here. At times the music leads us into some uplifting psychedelic riffage, yet never loses it’s natural sludge vibe. The track really jams with an intense, bludgeoning rhythm that will certainly numb the mind. “Goat of Mendes” steers towards UFOMAMMUT territory, and the galloping metal rhythm at the 6 minute mark is classic.

How is the production value?
It’s powerful and deep, perfect for a doom album and as we mentioned earlier the psychic nuances are well done and they add another element to the music.

How is the vocal performance?
Very good, the vocal performance of Jayesh Talati is suites the music very well. At times they are typical for doom, but his vocal range and echo does help give the band their unique vibe.

Does the album art reflect the music?
Yes indeed, the illustration of the dragon in some mythical landscape with the added mary jean leaf jane is well suited for psychedelic doom. Can anyone track down the artist, we would love to add them to our Homage to the Artist page.

What are two words that best describe this album?
Intoxicating Heaviness

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?
Enjoy a bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale. This 7.20 (ABV) ale will provide the taste buds with an assertive bitterness that leads to a bittersweet and slightly fruity, malty finish. Really compliments the album very well.

What are our final thoughts on Stone Future Hymns?
In the heavy, saturated world of doom, we look for bands that break the mold and Indica do a great job at setting themselves apart. This album will tap into your conscious and take you away for the full 42 minutes. - 9/7/2016

Band Members:
Jayesh Talati - Guitar and Vocals
Jesse Haywood - Guitar
Josh Dawson - Bass Guitar
Michael Flint - Drums
Craig Ferguson - Noise

1. Silence is Killer 05:07
2. Inner Mind Arise 08:27
3. Om 10:10
4. Goat of Mendes 08:31
5. Slow Burner 16:43

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