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Alternative rock
Sounds Like:
Chevelle, Jawbox, Toadies
Inch was a short-lived band from San Diego during the mid to late nineties, giving us three albums; Stresser, DOT Class C and This Will Fall On Dead Ears. During this time, bands such as Toadies and Jawbox were gaining headway, while Inch sat on the sidelines receiving almost no recognition what-so-ever. Their debut album Stresser was immensely overlooked; yes it fits the same mold as these bands, but they inject enough of their own influence to stand out.

This album is filled with steady bass and percussion along with tight, swirling guitars and enough change-ups to keep things interesting, giving their blend of emo-allternative rock a personal touch. The vocals are fitting, complimenting the music really well and with odd lyrics mixed in like ‘choking on an icepick, slipping on a grain of rice’, it’s hard not to press on and continue to listen.

They often managed to blend in a bit of anger and attitude along with softer mood swings to each of the song structures, "Stresser", "No. 84 Vs. SL/A" and "Crippler" are perfect example of this. "Surprise" and "Icepick" showcase some extremely catchy percussion work here; making these songs stand out a bit from the rest.  While "Oxidizer" has some fast steady rhythms, it will put a little giddy-up in your step.

Overall, Inch put forth a solid album that is still worthy of attention. Was it groundbreaking, no, but it fits well into this genre and hearkens back to the days of the nineties alternative rock scene. So, if you’re looking for Stresser, it may be hard to come by these days, keep checking your local record shop bargain bins or online used cd stores, you never know, it may just pop up one day.

Standout Tracks: No. 84 Vs. SL/A, Stresser
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