Hijo de la Tormenta
(El Manto De La Especie)
Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Psychedelic stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Los Natas, Yawning Sons, Brujas Del Sol
After having their debut self-titled album in heavy rotation for quite some time and just realizing their new album was released this past Friday via BandCamp, we decided to shift gears and do a weekend binge on what is Hijo de la Tormenta. The trio hailing from Argentina have released a very strong follow-up and contrast to their debut album titled El Manto De La Especie. Taking the two albums side by side and comparing will show you how diverse the three bandmates are.

Their debut album is loaded with fine-tuned guitar licks and frankly some of the most innovative lead guitar work we have heard in years. The album is loaded with some very dramatic experimental moments and delves into some very aggressive appeal. Contrast this with El Manto De La Especies’ focus on melodies and warmth. Their latest certainly infuses slower rhythms with an eye towards patience and letting the songs build. Occasional ambient moments as Ludena lets the soft snare and symbols entrance the listener.  Cruz is a tremendous talent and really provides a unique Steve Vai quality to some of his complex arrangements. Carlo’s bass-work is also more prominent in this album vs. their debut.

Track Listing:
1. Rock Para Huir De Una Cuidad (4:57)
2. 53 Cosechas (3:40)
3. El Abuelo (6:06)
4. Manifiesto al Sol (8:36)
5. Un Mañana Aun Mas Glorioso Nos Espera (12:31)
6. Recibimiento (2:04)

Juan Cruz- Guitar and vocals
Santiago Luduena- Drums
Guido Di Carlo- Bass

Comparing the two albums is really a fascinating trip and will allow you to really appreciate the depth and maturity of what Hijo de la Tormenta can do. We are impressed with the gumption of hearing a sharp left away from the heavy complex technical and really creating a dramatic melodic psychedelic trip. The two and five resonate as the stand above tracks on the album. El Abuelo’s dark undertones and tremendous build-up resonated with us. The track turns into fuzz/wawa pedal land at about the 5 minute mark and takes us away. The absolute gem on the album is "Un Mañana Aun Mas Glorioso Nos Espera" an epic tune loaded empowering clarity and detail. This track has elements of the first album with reaching back from more fine-tuned precision and complexity. We found the track to be highly engrossing and a tough one to stop midstream.

Ultimately, while we did enjoy the debut a bit more, Hijo’s sophomore release is nearly as strong in a very different way. The three Argentinians exude talent and clearly have a vision. This vision is hopefully to continue doing what they are doing and put out a tremendous library of diversity. We see the start of it very clearly in their first two impressive works. - 2/21/2016

Standout Tracks: Un Mañana Aun Mas Glorioso Nos Espera
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