(The Smell Of Space)
Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Heavy psyche drone, Space rock
Sounds Like:
Dead Meadow, Russian Circles, Sons of Otis
Flynotes is a three-piece outfit from St. Petersburg, Russia. Their musicianship is very impressive as they have unleashed a unique combination of instrumental psychedelic and space rock upon the world. The music is very dense and mesmerizing, these five tracks have impressed the hell out of us. It is difficult to pin down who they actually sound like, think Russian Circles jamming with Sons of Otis and Dead Meadow, does it get any better.

What are the highlights of the album?
The acoustics on the second track “The Smell of Space” has an atmospheric Middle Eastern vibe, it’s quite unique. The bass is downright heavy as hell and sounds tremendous when cranked up. The guitars are spacious as they add a psychedelic touch the song. The song “Game Over” is a fabulous jam as the rhythm half way through will consume you. Let’s not forget the dense richness of “Agent Orange,” just turn this one way up, you’ll thank us.

How is the production value?

Spot on, each instrument is well thought out and has its place. It’s a high quality production as these guys pay attention to the small details.

What two words that best describes Flynotes?
Psychedelic Exploration

Does Flynotes have other albums worth checking out?

Yes, check out their two previous releases Shiva Telescopes and Our Zoo.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?
Lake Placid Ubu Ale. The deep red color, dark fruit and roasted malt flavors make this the perfect complement to Flynotes.

What are our final thoughts?
In the saturated world of instrumental space rock, Flynotes do stand out among their peers. It’s difficult to pigeon hole them to a single genre. Their unique sound is wide open and very psychedelic and they definitely bring something new to the table in the space/heavy psyche rock world. - 6/16/2016

Band Members:
Max Komarov - bass
Roman Komarov - guitar, keys
Alex Kovalev - drums

1. Chrono 01:52
2. The Smell of Space 04:25
3. Game Over 07:37
4. Agent Orange 04:06
5. Ruby 03:41

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