Evil Blizzard
Everybody Come To Church
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Psychedelic doom
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Saturday, October 31, 2015
Evil Blizzard is back and as ominous as ever with their latest Everybody Come To Church. Riding the coattails of their impressive 2014 debut album, The Dangers of Evil Blizzard, the band hits us with an all-out blizzard of more psychedelic, acid tinged doom. If you’re not familiar with Evil Blizzard, they are based in Preston, England and consist of four bassists and a singing drummer. Sounds unusual, because it is, as they unquestionably have a sound they can call their own.

Everybody Comes To Church
seems to have a more polished sound along with a bit more trippy nuances surrounding the music. The vocals continue to sound like a subdued Ozzy on acid and the layered vocal effects are tremendous, really adding a drug-laced psychedelic essence to the album. Our experience begins with the heavy and deranged “Are You Evil.” This track has classic Evil Blizzard written all over it. The song is so freaking entertaining, especially within the last minute as it ends with a nice jam and background laughter, it’s quite maddening. The album keeps its heavy-psyche vibe with “Stupid People,” it’s the shortest song and packs quite a punch. Things start spiral into a deranged-moody-psyche ambiance that only Evil Blizzard can pull off with “Bow Down And Pray” and “Spread The Fear”. These two songs feature disturbing, multi-layered vocals along with rich bass and subtle nuances. The nursery-like keys on “Spread The Fear” is a really nice touch and is something different than the first album.

The fifth track “Sacrifice” is pure genius, it solidifies what Evil Blizzard is all about. The song possesses a strong psychedelic acid-induced heaviness that is totally unique. Crank this one up, it sounds massive and will leave you in awe. We felt completely satisfied after listening to this one, yet there are three more dark tracks to explore. “Balloon” and “Laughing Gas” follow and do not disappoint. The album just seems to get darker and more fucked up as we move on. “Laughing Gas” has a buoyant, spaced-out rhythm that subtly pulls you into their distorted world; this one could make for a really tripped-out video.

The final song “Watching” builds beautifully in the beginning, slowly churning and twisting as the lyrics take us through the mind of a madman stalker. The song could have ended at the 5:30 mark and we would have been content, yet they come back for another four minutes of intense jamming. It’s a great way to end our experience with Evil Blizzard

This album is a must for fans of the bizarre and unwieldy. The fact that we struggle to find a band that sounds similar to them is a testament to their originality. We have caught glimpses of their unique live performances via video but can only imagine the fury and spectacle that live in the flesh will deliver. Evil Blizzard reach beyond conventional doom and psyche and deliver their own climate of echo. Everybody Come to Church is a stellar release that ultimately pulls you into their own eccentric world. - 10/31/2015

Track Listing:
1. Are You Evil? – 6:32
2. Stupid People – 3:17
3. Bow Down And Pray – 5:13
4. Spread The Fear – 4:01
5. Sacrifice – 7:45
6. Balloon – 4:57
7. Laughing Gas – 4:18
8. Watching – 9:23

Standout Tracks:
Sacrifice, Laughing Gas, Watching

Label: Louder Than War Records
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