(Toking Up the Takings)
Crank this to 8.7 of 11
Space rock
Sounds Like:
Spacemen 3, Earthless, Kayleth
You can never have too much galactic endeavors in your collection. KOZMOTRON hailing from Belgium deliver some orbital splendor on their 30 minute, three song journey entitled Toking Up the Takings. The trio show tremendous patience and chemistry as each are given ample oxygen to interweave this creative climate. Rufus’ bass work is distinctive and we are appreciative that he shares the spotlight with considerable airtime on this album. For fans of escape and relaxation, its hard not too enjoy this one.

Track Listing:
1. Devil Ether (8:20)
2. Demon Core (7:44)
3. Fabiola’s Final March to Infinity (15:59)

Band Members:

Lost Johny - guitar
The Mechani - bass
Rufus Reefer - drums+synth

What is the top track we recommend downloading if you had a few bucks to spare?

This is a name your price on BandCamp, so throw some bucks their way and buy all three tracks. Also check-out the killer space artwork on the BandCamp site, we need to find out who does their album art. "Fabiola’s Final March to Infinity" is so well titled. This dirge will consume you and is an absolute must. It meanders of course but is entertaining as all heck.

What other albums do we recommend if you enjoy Toking Up The Takings?
Checkout the brilliance of Earthless’ From the Ages. While this album contains a bit more stoner edge, its a must.

How is the production on this album?
Above par production. The sound is crisp and each instrument floats throughout your headphones nicely.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to this album?
We would highly recommend a Bailey’s Comet:
1 part Buttersctoch schnapps
1 part Baileys (Or any Baileys knock off!) Irish Cream
1 Part Goldschlager
1 part floating (ie poured over the back of a spoon) Sambuca

A true spacial concoction.

What are our final thoughts on Toking Up The Takings?
Infuse this one into your collection. KOZMOTRON is a cool find in that their orbital landscapes seem to come quite as things naturally. These guys are very classy in their approach and they have put forth an album that is quite beautiful and cathartic. While "Demon Core" may accentuate percussion all three tracks blend together nicely and are hard to interrupt. You will find after several listens that "Devil Ether" and "Demon Core" are so damn complimentary back-to-back along with the epic closer. On a nice quiet day crank this one on your main stereo system and let it consume you. - 10/3/2106

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