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Heavy rock, Grunge
Sounds Like:
Local H, Fireball Ministry
From Nevada welcome newcomers Under with their debut “Self-Titled” release. The band displays a raw hard rock sound with touches of 90s grunge rock, think Local H meets Fireball Ministry, not a bad combination. Before the formation of UNDER, in 2014 they performed as an instrumental group under the names Ambedo and Psychedelic Mantis Shrimp. By the time 2015 rolled around, they found their singer and UNDER had now formed.

The album starts off with “Points Unknown,” a medium paced dense rock track that sounds like a joint effort between Puddle of Mudd and Local H. The track has some decent start-stop action as the band changes the rhythm often. The production is ok, a bit rough around the edges, but not a deal breaker. The third cut “Mush” is better, the vocals eerily remind us of Scott Lucas from 90s hard rock outfit Local H. We like the contrast between the heavier and soft parts of the song, me must say the band are very good at rhythmic changeups. The muffled vocal style on “Strangers Touch” is always a welcome technique around here, reminds us of mid 90s heavy rock.

We’re not sure what to make of the fifth track, “Stoned Mason,” there is some tripiness to the music in the beginning, but the vocals don’t quite compliment this sound. The song surprising grows some metal chops, the galloping metal rhythm towards the end is a nice touch. On track 6, “The Tiny Death” there is actually a hint of old Tool in the music. Now let us be clear, in no way does this come close to Tool, but they definitely use them as an influence. We find Under to be an interesting band, the independent production adds to the appeal and they seem to take us back to that mid 90s grunge-heavy rock era. We look forward to following their career and see if they can deliver a worthy follow-up album. - 6/9/2016

Standout Tracks: Mush, Strangers Touch

Track List:
1. Points Unknown 04:14 eh
2. Ingestion 01:56
3. Mush 05:15 better
4. Stranger's Touch 04:59 cool
5. Stoned Mason 04:08
6. The Tiny Death 05:40
7. Dirge For The Mantis 02:38

Jacob Blair – Guitar
Santiago Luna – Drums
Jared Victor – Vocals
John Demarigny - Bass
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