Elevators To The Grateful Sky
(Cape Yawn)
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Hard rock
Sounds Like:
Foo Fighters, Sugartooth, Silverchair
Elevators To The Grateful Sky (ETTGS) is a difficult band to pin down. The quartet hails from Sicily and certainly pack a ton of effort into 47 minutes and thirteen songs. If you are looking for a consistent sound or an album to put you in a certain mood... look elsewhere. If you are looking for a band that gives of the vibe of seven other bands and feels more like a hard rock mixed tape, give this one a gander. You will hear Foo Fighters right off the bat and a myriad of others such as Silverchair, Sugartooth, Candlebox, Mother Love Bone, Moon Curse, Nebula, and Hollow Leg. ETTGS touches some psychedelia, dabbles with some stoner rock, and tips its toe in some progressive blends and even gives homage to the jazz-like saxophone. End of the day, however, ETTGS is a straight shooting hard rock band.

Lead singer Sandro has tremendous energy and penchant to mix things up. The production fails him occasionally throughout the album as the treble and tones are somewhat dulled. Giuseppe and Giorgio shine with their dueling lead and bass guitar work.  

Track Listing:
1. Ground
2. Bullet Words
3. All About Chemistry
4. Dreams Come Through
5. A Mal Tiempo Buena Cara
6. Kaiser Quartz
7. I Wheel
8. Mongerbino
9. Cape Yawn
10. We're Nothing at All
11. Laura (One for Mark Sandman)
12. Mountain Ship
13. Unwind

Our favorite track on the album is "Dreams Come Through" as it reminds us most of the best band we listed above, Sugartooth. Nice job with just enough echo and reverb. Great track and terrific production. We wish the band stayed in this direct. Other standout tracks include "I Wheel" containing some great grooves and perhaps heaviest riffs on the album. The instrumental title track, "Cape Yawn" also contains some very very impressive bass guitar licks along with some trailing saxophone in the last 2 minutes. The track has a great vibe showing the band’s range in high/low contrasts.
Band Members:
Sandro Di Girolamo | Vocals
Giuseppe Ferrara | Guitars
Giorgio Trombino | Guitars
Giulio Scavuzzo | Drums

Overall Cape Yawn is quite entertaining and worth the purchase. While it does tend to wear on you a bit if you give it a few consecutive listens, it will keep its shine overall. Hopefully on their next release the ETTGS can cure their attention deficit and keep to a more consistent sound. Our guess is they may know Sugartooth and their 1994 way the fuck underrated self-titled album. If so, we highly encourage them to delve deeper into this sound and of course if you, the reader of this review, do not own Sugartooth’s 1994 album… damn you… pick it up today! - 6/2/2016

Standout Tracks: Dreams Come Through, I Wheel
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