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Stoner rock, Psychedelic
Sounds Like:
Radio Moscow, Kyuss, Fu Manchu
Kaleidobolt, a three-piece band from Helsinki, Finland has released a very impressive debut album through Pink Tank Records. They may be a brand spanking new, but they possess the chops and maturity of a seasoned psychedelic/stoner rock band. Getting right to the point, their music contains the high blues energy of Radio Moscow, the raw production of Kyuss’ "Blues for the Red Sun" and the driving force of Fu Manchu, it doesn’t  get much better than this.

The album kicks off in full throttle with “Rocket to the Moon.” The song varies between a fast paced frenzy of stoner blues and mellow psyche rock. The vocals have this homegrown feel and fits right in perfectly, giving the album a self-produced feeling. The second track “Momentum” follows the same direction, however at the 2:30 mark they bring things down to a mellow psyche jam with a terrific bass line and soft technical guitars. The way the song starts to build back up again is stimulating; it goes right into a Fu Manchu steadfast rhythm to close, fucking brilliant!

Moving on to the highly contagious and smooth flowing “Into the Crevasse,” where the guitar and echoed vocals play off each other very well and the rhythm is very infectious. We find ourselves coming back to this song for some reason. If you’re looking for a something with more of a freeform bluesy style than “Liskodisko” is right up your alley. This track goes in so many directions, it feels as if they just recorded this in one take without overthinking, and the short acoustic ending is a nice touch. Next up is “Mountain” and this one has a driven Fu Manchu vibe. The vocals become a bit more rustic and throaty as the vocalist must have dug deep for this one, it adds a bit of anger to the album. The closing song “Showdown” is a glorious instrumental that hits on all notes. It has an early Kyuss meets Radio Moscow feel, it’s a terrific ending to an exciting debut album.

1. Rocket to the Moon 06:38
2. Momentum 07:34
3. Into the Crevasse 05:23
4. Liskodisko 07:41
5. Mountain Man 04:54
6. Showdown 09:51

Kaleidobolt captivated us from the very first listen. This album will surely find its way into the stoner rock community and generate a following; the music is too damn impressive as they will easily fit right into your heavy psyche/stoner rock rotation. - 1/11/2016

Standout Tracks: Momentum, Showdown, Mountain
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