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Black Metal
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Entombed, Immortal
From Finland welcome the Death metal duo Havukruunu and their album Havulinnan. This album really took us by surprise, we figured it would be the typical Pagan death metal album with power drumming, vocal screeches and insane rhythmic guitars. While the album does provide these elements, the duo of Humö (Voice, Bass Guitar) and Stefan (Voice, Guitars & Percussion) whip up a fury of Black metal laced with a bits of stoner rock, pure classic metal chops and acoustics. The vocals are also done very well as we are treated to some very interesting background chants and dueling metal screams, it’s a very broad and layered album for Black metal.

Track List:
1. Talven Mustat Tuulet 05:38
2. Kuvastaja 04:37
3. Rautalintu 07:11
4. Aavevalo 04:35
5. Terhen 05:25
6. Sinervä 05:21
7. Tuuletar 04:32
8. Unien Havulinnaan 08:58

As much of the music here sounds similar throughout, it’s one hell of an entertaining album. The first track sets the tone from the get go, you’re either on board or not, there is no middle ground. This song hits us with great background chants and swift heavy rhythms. The second song even dives into death metal shoegaze, if there is such a genre, they may have stumbled upon something here. “Rautalintu” steers away from the death genre for a bit and offers some random acoustics, but it doesn’t last long, good variety can be found here.

“Aavevalo” somehow reminds us of The Sword amped up and played at a faster RPM pace, while “Terhen” and “Sinervä” continue to bludgeon us with classic metal solos and black metal rhythms. Track seven “Tuuletar” could be the weakest track, it just feels one dimensional compared to the others. The final cut, which closes in at 8:58 is a great song, the vocals are different as they are not in typical death metal fashion the whole time. The song will carry out to end with blissful acoustics that seem to calm the nerves after consuming an album as heavy as this.

Havukruunu are intriguing and bring something new to the table in the world of Black metal. The album, however can benefit from a deeper bass, perhaps they could hire a third band member for this, it would tremendously enhance the musicianship. - 12/9/2015

Standout Tracks: Unien Havulinnaan, Aavevalo, Talven Mustat Tuulet
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