Zombie Inc.
(A Dreadful Decease)
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Death Metal
Sounds Like:
Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, Cannibal Corpse
Ride the zombie fanatic wave? Has Zombie Inc. (so originally titled) arrived a little late to the flesh eating party with their debut album A Dreadful Decease? The Australian based band features former Pungent Stench lead singer Martin Schirence and the former guitarist of Disbelief, Wolfgang Rothbauer. The band wreaks of mostly of a classic 90s death metal sound with some twists of experimental. The grind chords and percussion are tight and warm enough to stay removed from the common double bass drum synthetic feel we hear nowadays. Schrence's vocals do not waiver and we would classify it as above average in the death metal realm. He does not try to hit too many ranges and keeps things consistent throughout the album. We were surprised that the Zombie themes did not annoy us and get tiring. The flesh eating sounds and periodic intros are not overdone and actually blend well throughout the tracks.

Track Listing:
The Chaosbreed
Deadtribe Sinister
Challenge of the Undead
Horde Unleashed
We Must Eat!
Bloodrain Overdose
Grim Brutality
Horror Fills this Hollow Earth
A Dreadful Decease
Planet Zombies

Skip to track #4 "Horde Unleashed" to receive some variation at about the 2:30 mark, the change-ups are dynamic and the sound effects of decrepit flesh being torn fits very well. Thereafter the best track on the album ensues... "We Must Eat!". Commencing with some groove laced guitar the track entertains right off the bat. Chaotic percussion intertwined with the steady maintenance of the intelligent grooves keeps us engaged. Excellent guitar-work on this track and the ability to bring it down a bit with some staccato guitar spreads. Schrence's vocals are clear and concise at times... "Tearing the flesh/eat your nipples... We Must Eat!" The title track “A Dreadful Disease” is perhaps the most intense on the album adding quite a bit of variety. Commingle double bass and an unpolished guitar frenzy by Dan Swano, as they also eeek in some groove pleasantry. The closing track "Planet Zombie" has anthem harmonic guitars as a Vinnie Moore impersonator joins in on the fun. There are a few mundane outbursts that interrupt the flow of the song, but at about the 2 minute mark we are restored to some slowed up grinding and battle like hymns. The track ends abruptly and could have used an exit with the harmonic guitar melodies.  We were hoping the track would have provided some more calm and closure.

After our fifth rotation, we found ourselves still entertained by A Dreadful Decease. Zombie Inc. provide enough texture to keep things flesh, we mean fresh. While their name and lyrical themes are not all that original, they are talented artists and we feel Zombie Inc. are worth a death metal fan's perusal. - 12/8/2014

Standout Tracks: Horde Unleashed, We Must Eat!
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