Astari Nite
(Stereo Waltz)
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New Wave, Alternative, Dark Wave
Sounds Like:
Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, The Cure
The New wave genre can be hit or miss for us, and to be honest we don’t give it enough love. We seem to have been gravitating towards Astari Nite, a New-wave band from Florida. This four-piece consists of Mychael Ghost (lead vocals), Illia Tulloch (Drums), Michael Setton (Guitar), and M. Sallons (Bass). Together they have created a refreshing and vibrant album with Stereo Waltz. It has a clean and crisp production as all the instruments have a place and do not overshadow one another. The vocals of Mychael are perfect for this style of music, showcasing a powerful and soft side and often take you back to the early days of this genre.

The album kicks off with a good one-two punch with "Contentment" and "Astrid". These tracks have an upbeat, continuous flow that sets the tone for the album. The consistent drums in "Contentment" stand out and help create this free-flowing feel as the constant cymbal bashing gives this song its vibrancy. The guitar in "Astrid," one of the standout tracks, has a somewhat spaced-out feel, giving this song an open, spacious aura. On "Pyramids," we are introduced to a more electronic Depeche Mode-like feel that is very common in this genre; it’s a well-placed song, showing a bit of diversity. Moving on to "Coven," the combination of the percussion along with the subtle synths gives off a smooth, easy-going vibe. The intriguing lyrics also help in providing an overall dark, dream-like atmosphere. The tracks "I.O. 1987" and "Prayer For Lovers" have an early New-wave feeling as they will take  you back to the early 1980’s New-wave underground scene. These are good songs for fans that are looking for a classic feel from a newer band in this genre.

Further along in the album we come across "Violently We Try". This one has a pleasurable rhythm that has potential to lure in enthusiasts of New-wave music. "Wendy Darling" and "Red Letter Day" are two more songs that display their ability to create this free-flowing impression that we hear in the first two tracks. It’s a good formula they have going and we are glad to hear them stick with it. The final track "Waves" is soft, dramatic and dream-like. The way the guitars and drums feed off each other is quite impressive and we actually hear a bit of shoegaze nestled within the guitars. The song will just drift on into fade, bringing us to a nice close.

Astari Nite has nudged our interest in New-wave as their album Stereo Waltz is easy to get into. They will definitely appeal to fans of this genre and anyone who is on the fence with this kind of music should give this album a listen, it will open you up a whole new world of music. - 8/30/2014

Standout Tracks: Contentment, Astrid, Coven
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