(Invocation of the Demon Other)
Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Blues, Experimental
Sounds Like:
Butthole Surfers, John Lee Hooker
Vocal distortion is a great way to mask poor pipes.  However, there is a distant place in our hearts reflecting back on the days of Alice in Chains Facelift that tends to shift us in favor of its use. The one man band, Honkeyfinger, has delivered an entertaining blues album with distortion and aggression to the max. The use of lap steel guitar like you have never heard before and harmonica combined with incessant howling melds very well to provide you a gritty testosterone latent appeal. 

The brains and sound of Honkeyfinger is Johnny Halifax releasing his debut album under the label Hoarse Records. The sound is surprisingly full from a one man show integrating significant bass harmonica and various pedals to round out the hellhound journey. This is a blues album with shots of metal and rock. On certain tracks you can't help but conjure up thoughts of the Butthole Surfers. After many listens you can sense that the album does have some dichotomy as the second have lends itself to some additional twists and experimentation. Johnny also integrates the use of what they call "over dub" or track loops. Overall the loops are done quite naturally without much of a hiccup to make you question.  Our favorite tracks include "Got This Rage" and "Running On Empty," both congaing some unique rhythm and bass undertones.

Invocation of the Demon Other is a raunchy ride of rustic rock and blues. Don't look for much diversity on this album and don't ask Mr. Halifax to sway and expose his voice. He perfects his vibe and intensity by sticking to the recipe. A recipe concocted to eek some grit and grease in your woofers. - 6/22/2014

Standout Tracks:
Got This Rage, Running On Empty
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