Ben Beheshty
(Earthlings Mixtape 1)
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Alternative, Indie
Sounds Like:
Frank Zappa, Modest Mouse
This release from UK’s Ben Beheshty caught us a bit off guard. The album features three attention-grabbing yet awkward tracks of alternative music filled with a sense of improvisation and experimentation. There seems to be a plethora of instruments and samplings used here, from pianos and synths to voice samplings and distortion.

Starting things off is the ominous song "Earthlings," beginning with some light background singing over what seems to be people talking and chanting while the guitars and percussion have a distorted lo-fi sound. At the 2:13 mark the song kicks into full production and it packs somewhat of a surprising punch. The rhythm gets even more distorted with many change-ups too keep us on our toes. Track two, "Canvas Town" is unpredictable and provides some powerful drumming along with some interchanging piano work, probably the standout track off the album. The last track "Sleep" is quite catchy and the lyrics are alluring as well. The last half of the song becomes more distorted and louder than drops off to a close.

Our take on Earthlings Mixtape is that it has a unique feel and it’s a bit different than your everyday alternative band. His use of distortion throughout this album is done very well and may intrigue you. We would have liked to hear more songs here, but we’ll take it, so check out Bens’ style of music and you just may be surprised by what you hear. - 6/4/2014

Standout Tracks:
Canvas Town
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