Oranssi Pazuzu
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Psychedelic black metal
Sounds Like:
Sigh, Minisrty, UFOMAMMUT
A new sub-genre of Black metal has been lurking around for some time now and it’s known as Psychedelic black metal and one of its front-runners is Oranssi Pazuzu. This band from Finland, do not make it easy for us to categorize them, therefore peaking our interest, as the term psychedelic seems to suit them well. They seem to be writing a new chapter in the black metal world with their psychedelic style; it’s trippy as hell, bizarre and cut-throat, giving us an unusual album to seek your teeth into. If you’re looking for the strange intensity of Japans’ Sigh and the psychedelics of UFOMAMMUT, this is for you. They have produced two full-lengths, Muukalainen Puhuu (2009) and Kosmonument (2011), and a split EP. They now grace us with their third record, Valonielu, as they explore deeper into the unknown realms of metal psychosis.

We begin the trip with "Vino Verso," this track has an old Ministry style to it, the rhythm is constant and heavy driven and does not let up one bit. The warped sound of the synths just adds to the plethora of insanity going on here and the scathing vocal style is what you would expect for a black metal band. The vocals are actually tolerable and work well within the musical structure; you wouldn’t want them any other way. Track two, "Tyhja Temppeli" carries on the spiral madness, the track is a bit more toned down from the previous, but is actually a darker song; great contrast for the first two tracks.

The lengthy "Uraanisula," clocks in at II:53 minutes, and it has everything going for it. As it is one of the standout tracks, you will hear elements of traditional black metal to mind expanding psychedelics here. Do we dare go into doom territory? Sure, why not, as the end just drops-off into an Electric Wizard-like riff to fade. The last track, "Ympra on Viva Tomussa" is just over 15 minutes, the song is a slow starter, so let this one develop, it’s well worth it. Not only is the song heavy and grueling, there is something hypnotic about it. We love the break down at the 10:50 mark; the guitars actually have a smooth progressive feel, than they delve right back to the madness... what an ending!

Oranssi Pazuzu’s music is hard to pin down as they have brought black metal into new territories. This new record transcends so many genres that it will lure people in who are on the fence with this type of music. They are a band who have many influences and know how to hone their style and create something all their own. Even though this record is fairly new, we look forward to the next chapter of Oranssi Pazuzu. - 4/11/2014

Standout Tracks:
Tyhja Temppeli, Uraanisula
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