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Stoner rock
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Elder, Colour Haze
Crisp vibrant euphoric stoner rock is what Weedpecker is all about. Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, the two very talented Dobry brothers trade guitar prowess to deliver one of the best stoner rock debut albums we have heard in a long-time. The album runs about 40 minutes featuring six tracks, three instrumental and three harmony filled vocal tracks. Yes the four-piece band does take their love for weed and all things weed very seriously, but man take nothing away from them, this is an intelligent and majestic work of art. While grunge filled riffs do play a part here, so do other elements such as the perfect harmonies and variation in tempos and tone.

Weedpecker does a great job painting different settings of grandeur and spacial concept. The first two tracks feature some great harmonies, "Berenjena Pipe" and "Mindbreath" along with pinpoint eloquent guitar-work. The third track is an instrumental tilted "Don't Trust Your Elephant", an intriguing title that begins beautifully with soft very pretty guitar work that slowly swirls into grinding guitars. The song is absolutely breath-taking on the headphones as they utilize swirling wind sound effects that wrap around the guitar riffs to deliver something very special. While its hard to pick a favorite of the six tracks, we do give highlight to the most pensive track of "Sativa Landscapes", a masterpiece weaving through grinding riffs bringing things down to warm floating guitars and building back up again to fade off into fields of euphoria.

If you have not noticed, the Rotation11 editors do show an affinity towards the stoner rock genre primarily for its ability to deliver what we like to call the three 'e's... energy, existentialism and euphoria. Weedpecker is all about a fourth 'e', escape. Their music is powerful and perfectly laid out to provide for an experience that allows you to forget about your every day headaches, almost medicinal we should say. If you asked us to present one album that could change a non-believer in stoner rock's view, it would be this album. Primarily for the beauty and diversity presented in all six tracks. There is no over-done "Bongzilla" here, rather what we have is four very talented musicians rCpresenting a genre that has so much to offer the music world. - 2/20/2014

Standout Tracks: Sativa Landscapes, Mindbreath
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