Farmhouse Killings
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Death Metal
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Carcass, Marduk, Soilent Green
Death metal can be relentless and downright tiring after about four minutes. Much of the production that we hear is often done at high decibels with no room to move up and little inclination to bring it down. The vast majority of what we hear coming out these days lacks sincerity and creativity. That being said, every now and then we stumble upon something genuine and raw. Thank you Farmhouse Killings... we have been yearning for some solid modern death metal that is tolerable with depth worthy of heavy rotation and thanks to you we have found it.

We should have known to focus our energies searching high and low through Norway. A country that never disappoints in its musical prowess.  Parasites, Farmhouse Killing's debut album, is rich with fantastic production and the kind of output that results from hard work. All eight tracks hold your interest through the first rotation and only get better thereafter. The percussion is precise, tight and well balanced. Often we find the drum work in modern death metal to be excessive and not well integrated. "Beeramid", the third track is a stellar in showing off diverse guitar riffs and a well timed belch and laughter culmination. "A Tale of a Modern Crusade" really establishes the two different death grinding vocal styles; very complimentary, much akin to Dax Riggs from Acid Bath kicking it old school blended with Soilent Green's LB Falgoust. Clarity to death metal vocals is so important and a true highlight of the album. Track six, "Collective Spiritual Suicide", is a fantastic cut off the album. It begins with a superb Gruntruck grinding intro and just powers into a raw death march.

The Farmhouse Killings have wowed us because of their maturity and ability to find balance. Knowing how not to be excessive in the death metal genre is truly the secret recipe. We like to equate it to an innately evil horror flick. One that sticks with you and has you appreciating the dark minds that could put together something so disturbing. Horror flicks can be quite cathartic and a calming pressure point in an entertaining way. Cathartic typifies what "Parasites" is about. We encourage those that dislike the death metal genre to give Farmhouse Killings a listen. This is art, this is cathartic, this is talent.  - 1/17/2014

Since videos of The Farmhouse Killings are rare, here is a promo from their record label, Negative Vibe Records and skip to the 2:41 minute mark.

Standout Tracks: Collective Spiritual Suicide, Beeramid
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