(Angels in the Flesh...)
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Alternative rock, Metal
Sounds Like:
Pink Floyd, Primus, Tool
Floater could possibly be one of the most overlooked bands of our time. On their third album, Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone, they steer away a bit from the heaviness of their first two releases and strive for a conceptual, melodic masterpiece. Lead track "Endless I", an  acoustic uplifting piece, showcases lead singer Robert Wynia’s ability to completely carry a song, along with a blend of psychedelic guitar strumming. "The Watching Song" and "American Theatric", start to delve onto the darkness of the album, with combinations of dark, echoed vocals and melodic heaviness. "The Feast", with its uplifting tempo carries you right into tribal rhythm of "The Beast", it’s a flawless transition.  The song "Minister" is haunting, dark and heavy with lyrics like nothing we’ve ever heard.

As we continue the journey through this album, songs like "Medicine Woman" and "Mexican Bus" provide a nice upbeat turn to the album. Towards the end; with songs like "The Invitation", "Golden Head", "Settling" and "The Last Time", you will get sucked in and just float away (no pun intended). The masterpiece here could be the song "Mosquito", a 7:40 minute tale of deranged love and drug use, the bass and drums carry this song, it’s absolutely amazing. We end with "Endless II", an uplifting end to a great musical journey.

Floater has released many albums over the years and are hard to pin down and compare to other bands. Just do yourself a favor and give them a listen. - 3/21/2013

Standout Track:
Mosquito, Minister
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