Acid Bath
(Paegan Terrorism Tactics)
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Hardcore, Stoner rock
Sounds Like:
Crowbar, Down, Pantera
“Kitchen knifes conspire razor blades make bloodless love”.
Released in 1996, hail one of the most elaborate, apocalyptic tempo-changing, and dark albums you will ever hear. No matter how many listens, you will still pick-up  new images within the lyrics that paint some eerie and dynamic images. “She bleeds orgasm in Technicolor“  This is lyrically one of the best albums of our time. Not a ridiculous statement... just give it a few listens.  Its not just stream of consciousness babble, but rather a brilliantly put together lyrical masterpiece.

Lead singer Dax Riggs is the master of transferring from a soft whisper to blues echo to death metal gut-wrenching vocals. Tremendous production that include crystal clear drum work and superb bass (the bassist’s untimely death resulted in Acid Bath dis-banning  a year later. Last track "Dead Girl" leads into a bizarre hidden track... that will scare the living shi! out of you if you are in a dark basement alone. “I thought I heard them whisper mutany”

Standout Tracks:
Bleed Me An Ocean, Venus Blue
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