Creature With The Atom Brain
(The Birds Fly Low)
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Alternative rock
Sounds Like:
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, QOTSA
Belgium’s Creature with the Atom Brain offers a unique, fresh blend of psychedelic rock on their third release, The Birds Fly Low. There are hints of stoner rock, reggae, jazz and alternative influences scattered throughout this album. They are certainly not afraid to mix it up and experiment; with layered echoed vocals, trumpet arrangements, psychedelic riffs and well-orchestrated percussion, you can easily get lost in the album.

The first track, "Hit The Sky" is a laid back mid-tempo bluesy / psychedelic song, leading right into "Wolf Eye", where we are introduced to the horn section, useing them sparingly, it’s a nice touch and expands their sound. The album keeps rolling along with "Southern Wind" and "The Beauty Of The Rain"; on this song, we start to hear some reggae influences and it’s so laid back that it reminds us of the band Morphine. One of the highlights of the album is the song "Black Rider Run", which features Mark Lanegan on vocals, this is a welcome addition and the percussion is infectious bringing the album to new heights.

The songs "The Dust of Time", "Sayonara" tend to have a Beck feeling to them while "Break Me Blue"  and "Nightlife" reminds our editors of the band Wellwater Conspiracy, with it’s high frequency driven-guitar sound.
The last track "R-Frequency" stands out like a sore thumb with its dub-influenced bass, face-paced drums, organ use in the background and muffled vocals makeing for a more experimental track, it actually does not take anything away from the album.

Overall, The Birds Fly Low is unique in the world of psychedelic rock and will add some new flavor to your collection.

Stanout Tracks: Black Rider Run, The Dust of Time
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