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Latest Reviews - December 19, 2014
Oozing Wound
(Earth Suck)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 7.7 of 11
Genre: Hardcore, Metal
Sounds Like: Black Cobra, Victims, High on Fire
Oozing Wound from the windy city of Chicago has leashed a beast of an album upon us with Earth Suck. As it may not be ground-breaking music, they throw in a wealth of influences ranging from old Metallica, and Trap Them to Black Cobra and The Sword, talk about a mixed bag of metal. So, what... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.2 of 11
Genre: Progressive rock, Psychedelic folk
Sounds Like: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Fleet Foxes, The Shins
The combination of Psychedelic folk and rock can be stimulating and comforting, especially when a band is able to take their time and write well-structured songs. Priestbird’s 2011 album Beachcombers, produced by Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard is evident of this as all nine songs are... Full Review and Video Clip
Les Lekin
(All Black Rainbow Moon)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 9.3 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock, Sludge
Sounds Like: Pelican, Russian Circles, Glowsun
Our journey to find the next obscure psychedelic rock gem is always an enthralling adventure. We come across some duds here and there and some decent bands that will grab our attention on occasion, but every once in a while we find one that just flat out captivates us. Les Lekin from Salzburg, Austr... Full Review and Video Clip
(Out Of The Coma)
Staff Rating: Turn this to 2 of 11
Genre: Progressive, Folk
Sounds Like: Mellow Candle, Henry Cow
This could very well be one of the worst female and male vocal performances we have ever heard on one album. What is interesting is that the musical accompaniment is actually above average as it could be a good instrumental album. Medieval acoustic folk blended with the occasional flute, sax, and ta... Full Review and Video Clip
Moon Coven
(Amanita Kingdom)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Genre: Stoner rock, Psychedelic rock
Sounds Like: Waning Moon, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Wooden Shijps
The debut EP from the Swedish psych and stoner rock five-piece band Moon Coven is a pleasant surprise. Loaded with guitar layers (3), echo effect and terrific supporting bass.  This genre has seen a plethora of acts particularly from this area and Moon Coven appears to have something a bit more... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Genre: Atmospheric metal, Post metal
Sounds Like: The Ocean, Cult of Luna, Kylesa
The album cover alone should be enough to entice you to Amniac’s debut album Infinite. It has a Cult of Luna meets The Ocean style of artwork that is very detailed and captivating. The music compliments the art as well, making for an overall exhilarating and engaging experience. Amnia... Full Review and Video Clip
Zombie Inc.
(A Dreadful Decease)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 7.1 of 11
Genre: Death Metal
Sounds Like: Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, Cannibal Corpse
Ride the zombie fanatic wave? Has Zombie Inc. (so originally titled) arrived a little late to the flesh eating party with their debut album A Dreadful Decease? The Australian based band features former Pungent Stench lead singer Martin Schirence and the former guitarist of Disbelief, Wolfga... Full Review and Video Clip
Low Fat Getting High
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.4 of 11
Genre: Punk, Garage rock
Sounds Like: Nirvana, Pissed Jeans, Young Widows
Money Fire Records has been spitting out some exciting hardcore/punk bands in 2014, creating a buzz along the East coast. They continue to do so with Brooklyn’s very own Low Fat Getting High. This three-piece band churns out an enthusiastic blend of garage styled punk rock. If you’re a f... Full Review and Video Clip
Pretty Lightning
(There Are Witches in the Woods)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.9 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic rock, Garage rock
Sounds Like: The Black Angels, The Black Keys
Yes... we love originality at Rotation11 and bands that look to push the envelope in sound tend to score higher on the Rotation dial. That being said, we also appreciate well done flattery and further enhancing a genre. Some may say that the Pretty Lightning sound a hell of a lot like The Black Keys... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 9.1 of 11
|    Editor's Pick
Genre: Doom, Sludge, Hardcore
Sounds Like: Eyehategod, Soilent Green
The Dutch quintet Herder have something very special in their second full-length release Gods. Doom metal and hardcore fans will find immediate gratification out of this very diverse and intelligent album. Gods is the bands first full length album following up their solid EP entitl... Full Review and Video Clip
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