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Between Consciousness and Sleep
I Hear Sirens
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My Expansive Awareness has been added to the Lisbon Psych Fest 2015 in April 2015.
Eyes On The Shore are currenly on mini Southwest tour in the USA. Dates here.
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Latest Reviews - April 24, 2015
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.6 of 11
Genre: Doom, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Wo Fat, Black Sabbath, Mindfunk
Let us get the Sabbath references out of the way first and foremost. Frontman Christian Linderson's (former acts - Count Raven, Lord Vicar, and Saint Vitus) vocals do resemble Ozzy and there are a variety of moments throughout this 67 minute trip that will remind you of Sabbath as do perhaps 700 oth... Full Review and Video Clip
Speedball Baby
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Rockabilly
Sounds Like: South Filthy, The Boxmasters, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Rockabilly loaded with gospel influences and a myriad of heavy guitar and swing. Welcome Speedball Baby hailing from New York City. Picture that vintage microphone with a switch to turn on the excess muffled vocals and distortion. In the mid to late 90s Speedball Baby helped advance the rockabilly s... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 7.5 of 11
Genre: Sludge, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Melvins, Crowbar, Snail
From the depths of the Charles River welcome newcomers SEA. The four-piece from Boston, Massachusetts have just released their first three song demo. Take the sludge elements of Melvins, the rawness of Crowbar and some stoner rock components from Snail and you have SEA. This demo actually has decent... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Acoustic rock, Indie
Sounds Like: Manchester Orchestra, Alt J, Elliot Smith
Australian singer-songwriter, Sean Heathcliff, branches out from his former band and shoegaze roots (Snakadaktal) and releases a picturesque EP under the name Kagu that takes you on a 15 minute spacious journey. Heathcliff's voice is soothing and the acoustic and synth blend very well together.Full Review and Video Clip
Grin's Edge
(Burnt Circus)
Staff Rating: Turn this to 4.1 of 11
Genre: Hard rock
Sounds Like: Our Lady Peace, The Toadies
We dug this one up within the deeper reaches of the bargain bin in one of our favorite used CD store's In Your Ear located in Boston, Massachusetts. Grin's Edge was a very obscure trio from Southern California. There is virtually no history of this band nor could we locate any type of discography on... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 7.8 of 11
Genre: Black Metal, Psychedelic drone
Sounds Like: Girl 27, Venom, Agalloch
Lead singer Jay Gambit's vocals can be best described as a chained victim yelping twenty feet below a dark well. His  energy and focus is angled upwards as he screams towards the light. Chilling hollow echoes and suppressed cries emanate to provide the listener with a very disturbing but truly ... Full Review and Video Clip
Queen Crescent
(Queen Crescent)
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Genre: Psychedelic rock, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Jess and the Ancient Ones, Black Sabbath
On our continuous search for obscure rock music we come across many bands who inject life into their respective genres and stand out amongst the crowd. Welcome Queen Crescent from Oakland/San Francisco, California. This four-piece all female heavy psyche rock band has definitely added some new flavo... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.3 of 11
Genre: Post rock
Sounds Like: Explosions in the Sky, If These Trees Could Talk, Caspian
As instrumental Post-rock continues to expand, we come across some very talented musicianship. Coldbones is a trio hailing from Brighton, UK and we had the pleasure to discover their debut EP entitled Distance. What ISIS perfected inclusive of vocals has morphed into a wide variety of off-s... Full Review and Video Clip
Breakfast in Fur
(Flyaway Garden)
Staff Rating: Turn this to 5.9 of 11
Genre: Indie, Rock, Dream pop
Sounds Like: Lush, Pale Saints, Cranes
Hailing from New Paltz, New York, artist enthusiasts, Breakfast in Fur, deliver a lackluster 36 minute foray through the world of dream pop, indie rock and shoegaze. Named after a famous 1936 sculpture by Meret Oppenheim, Breakfast in Fur continue the artistic theme with their album title 'Flyaway G... Full Review and Video Clip
Staff Rating: Crank this to 8.8 of 11
Genre: Atmospheric doom, Stoner rock
Sounds Like: Pelican, Elder, 5ive - metal band
Earthmass is a heavy psych rock band that hails from Essex, UK. Their blend of music varies between atmospheric doom and stoner rock as we would not expect anything less from a band with a name like Earthmass. They are greatly overlooked within their respective genres as they have released three sin... Full Review and Video Clip
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